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Microneedling Remains an Especially Popular and Versatile Cosmetic Procedure

There are dozens of potentially effective cosmetic treatments to choose from today, but some have amassed longer and more substantial records of producing results than others. As those who head to Alchemy 43 to learn more about the treatment will see, for example, an anti-aging procedure known as "microneedling" or "micropenning" has been leaving patients satisfied for decades.

Giving Aging Skin the Ability to Produce More Much-Needed Collagen

Young people can almost always count on having skin that is relatively smooth, resilient, and visually appealing. As the body ages, however, this largest of all human organs becomes much less likely to keep up with the maintenance that allows it to look so attractive.

The prime culprit in just about every case is a lack of a substance called collagen. In younger people, structures under the skin produce copious amounts of collagen that can be used to nourish and repair the surrounding layers. In older individuals, production slows down greatly, even to the point of sometimes coming almost to a complete halt.

Researchers have long recognized that providing the skin with more collagen or the means to produce increased supplies could improve overall appearance. The technology of microneedling was developed decades ago to provide the skin with an effective, related form of support.

Smoother, More Youthful, More Attractive Skin

As the name suggests, this family of facial treatments involves the use of very small, fine needles that pierce the skin in carefully targeted places. Each needle then emits radio frequency energy which dissipates outward through the surrounding tissues, stimulating them and encouraging them to become more active.

A detailed page at www.Alchemy43.com goes much further in depth, but the basic idea is that this type of treatment has been used for many years to address a variety of common, aging-related complaints. In particular, microneedling can be employed to reduce the appearance of issues such as:

Wrinkles. When applied directly to wrinkled skin and surrounding areas, microneedling can produce impressive, long lasting results. As this is one of the most common signs of aging of all, reducing wrinkling is one of the most popular reasons to undergo the treatment.

Stretch marks. When the skin of older people is first stretched and then allowed to relax, it will show signs of the stress that would not be apparent in younger individuals. Once again, microneedling often helps.

With this treatment being useful to address a variety of other symptoms, many patients have discovered that it can make excellent sense. As a result, it has remained one of the most popular cosmetic procedures since its invention many years ago.

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